Sunday, December 13, 2009

Interesting Facts

A preview of some interesting facts you will find through this pathfinder:

- While children were the main targets for this voluntary governmental project, mothers with infants, teachers, and the handicapped also benefited from this program.

-According to Jackson, England was split into three sectors of risk: evacuation, neutral, and reception. The evacuation cities were categorized by their high probability of being bombed, mainly urban and industrial cities like London. Neutral areas would neither take, nor send refugees. Reception areas were to receive evacuees and were considered the safest places in the country.

-The first wave of mass evacuations that occurred between September 1st- 3rd, 1939 was nicknamed Operation Pied Piper.

-According to Titmuss, 1.473 million children, mothers, teachers, and handicapped persons from urban British cities were evacuated within 3 days with the assistance of the British government without any incidence of accident, injury, or death. Over 3 million people were evacuated throughout the duration of the war.

-Michael Caine, Elizabeth Taylor, and Shirley Williams were among the children who were evacuated as part of Operation Pied Piper.

- A national monument dedicated to the evacuees is being constructed outside of St. Paul's Cathedral.

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