Thursday, December 10, 2009

Electronic Sources

The Atlantic Divide: Evacuated to America
BBC- WW2 People's War

Topic- Biographical/ Personal Narrative, International Evacuation

The BBC put together an archived collection of World War II memories that was written by the public. This is a personal narrative story about one child's experiences being evacuated overseas to America during World War II. She explains the emotional and physical journey of being sent overseas without her family. This story shows the firsthand struggles of the trip overseas through the eyes of a child, allowing the researcher to understand the emotions and mindset of an evacuated child.

Evacuees in World War Two - The True Story

BBC- British History in-depth

Topic- General Overview of Operation Pied Piper, personal perspective

A great website created with the BBC history to find a general overview of the evacuation process being put into action in September 1939. It focuses on the early days of the first evacuation with anecdotes and short memories from teachers, children, hosts, and logistical engineers. Coverage from the Daily Mirror shows the perspective from a news source of the day and how the evacuation was presented to the public. It also shows the unpleasant surprises many of the children faced, and how the evacuation was presented to the children.

Culture Shock

Topic- Psychological effects

This is a guide to overcoming culture shock for all ages. The site includes a list of symptoms of culture shock as well as a list of suggestions for overcoming and avoiding culture shock. This is useful in understanding why it was difficult for the inner city children and the country families to coexist.

V-2 Flying Bombs
Spartacus Educational

Topics- First-hand accounts, Comprehensive, Domestic evacuation

This website gives a good overview on what types of bombs were being used against the British during World War II. Towards the bottom of the page, Simkin provides first-hand accounts from people who survived the war. Some are memories from children who were not evacuated but stayed behind and witnessed the bombs themselves.

Children of the Doomed Voyage
BBC- Timewatch

Topics- First-hand accounts, International evacuation

Created by the BBC, Children of the Doomed Voyage chronicles the tragedy of the sinking of the evacuee ship, SS City of Benares. This website includes stories from children who survived the boat attack and also stories from German soldiers on the U-boat which sunk the SS City of Benares. The website also provides information about the last reunion that was held in 2005 for the surviving children.

The Children’s War: The Second World War Through the Eyes of the Children of Britain

Imperial War Museum London

Topic- Comprehensive

The Children’s War is a website that is based off of an exhibit at the Imperial War Museum in London running through 2010. In case you cannot travel to London to see the exhibit, the Imperial War Museum provides an edited, online version. The website provides insight on what the lives of children were really like living through the war. Topics of interest included are evacuation, work, school, play, daily life, war time homes, and life after the war with plenty of accompanying pictures.

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